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Transatlántica Servicios

Transatlántica Servicios S.A. provides consulting and business management services in management, systems, human resources, and investment projects analysis.

To offer reliable services that provide professional, committed solutions that align with the clients’ expectations while taking on the strategic role of adding value.

To be active participants in the group’s business activities:

  • By managing planning.
  • By optimizing processes, structure, and control.
  • By improving communication.
  • By training qualified human resources in order to preserve their assets.

Quality Policy

Transatlántica Servicios S.A.’s quality policy is focused on generating the necessary actions to meet our company’s Mission and Approach while remaining highly committed to our Values. In this context, the organization commits to complying with every requirement and continually improving its quality control system’s efficiency.

transatlatica servicios Grupo Transatlántica

Mitre 930, 4to. piso
Tel: 0341 5283800


transatlatica servicios Grupo Transatlántica